Airush’s story is tightly woven with the history of kiteboarding. Keith and Karen Baxter founded the company in Maui circa 1998. Airush has since been at the forefront of kitesurfing innovation. It has been the driving force behind improved bar, chickenloop, quickrelease and depower designs.

The Baxter’s have made a huge impact on growing kiteboarding by promoting Wipika kites to the sport’s early legends, who have now gone on to create their own brands. They later started their own Airush kite production, teaming up with Svein Rasmussen and Starboard. This partnership made it possible to develop acclaimed designs such as the Switch Twintip, the longest running kiteboard model in the industry.

The 2017 and 2018 Airush range is presented in 6 visually pleasing collections: Core, Progression, Team Black, Team Reefer, Diamond and 6Knots.

  • Core Series – High performance equipment marrying ease of use and versatility
  • Progression Series – Entry level kites, boards and accessories designed with durability in mind
  • Team Black Series – A subtle blend of visually inspiring premium Freestyle and Wave gear
  • Team Reefer Series – Freestyle and Wave kites, boards, harnesses, and boots designed to push your riding
  • Team Diamond Series – Bruna Kajiya’s female specific freestyle line
  • 6 Knots – Race and Lightwind kites and boards designed for going fast and boosting high  is the leading Airush distributor and dealer based in Dubai and shipping worldwide.

Shop online for 2018 Airush Kites, Boards, Harnesses and accessoreis. The 2018 range includes the Lithium, Union, and Razor Kites, as well as the Apex and Switch Kiteboards. Also look out for the new 2018 Diamond line, designed specially for female riders. Free shipping on all Airush Kites, Boards and Bars in the UAE. Free worldwide shipping on Airush Kites and Bars. Reduced shipping rates for Airush Kiteboards to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt.

the kites that made airush what it is today , high quality high performance free ride and freestyle kites for everyone . we all can be heroes

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