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– We focus on quality, our technicians ensure all repairs are dimensionally perfect.
–  Fast personal service, with over night repair service you will never miss a session.
–  Good-will and customer-oriented pricing and payment policies.
–  All our repairs come with a guarantee.
–  We use branded OEM fabrics, and UV protected threads.
–  All our repairs are totally compliant with the natural stretch and shape of your kites.
Type of repair Estimated cost Notes
Inflatable kite Bladder Slow leak 100 – 200 Aed Those are hard to quote for.We’ll do our best to keep costs down and repair rather than replace where possible.
Inflatable kite Leaking Valves Re-glue 100 Aed/ valve If a kite valve fails other valves might start to break soon.never leave your kite inside the car under the sun (even for 1 hour)
kite leading edge replacement 100 Aed
inflatable kite Leading edge blow out 150 – 300 Aed  sometimes this is beyond repair,we will let you know before we start the job
kite canopy tear 100 – 400 Aed The size of the kite has an implication on the price and the way the canopy is attached to the struts & leading edge
kite Bridle repair/ replacement 100 Aed We can produce any bridle parts to replace worn sections.
Single line change 150 Aed
Single valve re-gluing
100 AEDper month
full set of bladders fitting
350 AEDper month
Inflate / Deflate valve replacement
240 AEDper month
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