Dukite kite surfing school in Dubai cares about your safety and the safety of other beach users so please keep in mind that Kite Surfing is an extreme sport with inherent risks. Therefore, taking formal lessons is of utmost importance. Aside from the fact that you will definitely learn the essentials the right way, your instructor will also be able to help you solve problems that may arise as you go through the learning process. Happy Kite Surfing!

SUP is one of the most accessible sports in world and it’s no wonder that it is also one of the fastest growing watersports in Dubai.

Dubai is the perfect location for stand up paddling (SUP). With the warm water, calm seas and ideal weather, we are able to go paddling almost every day. We teach from SUP Corner, Dubai, located next to the Umm Suqeim 2 Fishing Harbor in Jumeirah. We are able to provide SUP lessons in the most sheltered waters in Dubai. So if you’re a first timer and are concerned that the conditions need to be perfect, fear not, we’ve got the best location in Dubai for a safe a fast learning
SUP experience.

Stand Up Paddling offers a little something for everyone. From the recreational weekend warrior, to the avid racer, the intrepid tourer, the fitness freak and even the surfer, it’s all doable right here in Dubai.

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