Complete kite surfing course package

3,980 AED

Comprehensive course of kitesurfing lessons in Dubai

Package of 10 hours of kite boarding lessons

Designed to take you to up to being  independent kite boarder in the shortest period of time

One on One lessons with dubai’s elite kite surfing instructors



Learn it all with this package , this kite boarding package of 10 hours of lessons is designed to give you all the skills and knowledge needed to be a fully competent and independent kite surfer with special knowledge of kite flying skills in low wind conditions like dubai kite surfing conditions,our kite surfing lessons package is comprehensive and our kite instructors will work with you to complete one to two hours of kite lessons each time to be finished ideally in 4-5 sessions if wind and sea conditions permit ( covering 2 hours each time ).

Subjects and topics covered during your complete kite surfing course 

  • Theoretical overview and explanation of how the whole sport works.
  • All essential kite flying skills on ground and later on the water.
  • Wind window theory and how the kites work.
  • Kite launching and landing techniques.
  • Using all the kite safety features and systems.
  • Using the kite to navigate without the board in the water known as body dragging .
  • Setup of your kite and control bar system on beach prior flight.
  • Body dragging crosswind (this is the technique that you will use to recover your board inside the water).
  • Power dives or strokes (the method used to generate kite power to lift you from the water onto the board).
  • Relaunching the kite from the water after intentionally crashing it down to learn to recover it in different crash scenarios.
  • Water starting and  jumping up on the board and riding away .
  • Basic kite board skills once up and riding to learn how to go upwind and downwind .
  • Evaluation of kite setup area and beach space you are provided to be able to setup and sail off safety .

Important information

  • Kite surfing lessons in general is wind dependent and we reserve the right to cancel the lesson incase insufficient or too much wind for safety reasons .
  • Rescheduling due to weather conditions will not affect your hours credit
  • You are allowed to reschedule the lesson 48 hours in advance from a confirmed booking date/time with your instructor
  •  One on One kite surf lessons is the perfect way to focus at your kite boarding learning  It’s the best way to start and get more detailed step by step tips from our kite instructors into the world of kiteboarding.
  • Perfect as a gift

Booking required by phone or email, contact +971 507586992 or and provide name, contact number and preferred date. if you need more information feel free to CONTACT US or use the live chat on the right corner of the screen to talk directly to one of our kite surfing instructors , our live chat is available from 7am till 12pm.

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