The Best in Stand Up Paddle Boards in Dubai and the World

Dukite is the official representative of Starboard in Dubai . Starboard is a paddle board pioneer, producing the best quality stand up paddle boards and paddles.

We have established ourselves as the premium brand by producing innovative and quality products since 1993, starting with our Windsurfing boards that have won 9 out of 10 Professional Windsurfing Association Manufacturer’s titles over the last 10 years.

The research and development to source the lightest, strongest material combinations resulted in Starboard being the very first brand to seriously produce boards in full Wood Sandwich back in 1993.

Starboard also introduced Carbon Sandwich visit to Paddle boarding setting a new benchmark.

Our boards are produced only one hour from our headquarters, which allows us to regularly conduct quality control checks, ensuring you get the best product under your feet.

Our industry experience, combined with our passion for this burgeoning sport and again, the highest levels of quality control in production, ensure that we produce the finest quality SUP boards.

Whether you are first-timer or a seasoned-pro SUP racer, you will find that we manufacture and sell a board that suits your requirements.

Our innovative inflatable SUP boards are also built with the best materials and we believe that they are the stiffest and strongest in the market.

We have provided a great deal of information on different SUPs, paddles and accessory options to help you with choosing the right board and equipment for you.

Please also check our FAQ section or feel free to contact us if there are any more questions not already answered on our site.

You can find Starboard’s Stand up paddle boards, SUP Paddles, SUP fins and equipment through our huge global network of distribution outlets and so visit a store near you!

Short Background and History on Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) was first explored in Peru and migrated to Polynesia from South America, as indicated by the explorer and environmentalist, Thor Heyedahls, Kon Tiki expedition.

It developed further as a hobby and sport in Hawaii.

Since its inception in the last decade or so, SUP has seen incredible and almost unbelievable growth due to its versatility, fun, variety of application and the great physical workout you get from it!

Anyone can do it and once you try it you are often hooked.  According to a recent report in 2013, Stand Up Paddle Boarding had more first time participants than any other outdoors activity in the USA.  This amazing growth is only expected to continue as more people find out about it and give it a go.

Unlike more traditional surfing and windsurfing where you often need to depend on certain conditions of waves or wind to be able to be able to undertake these activities, SUP has no restrictions.  It can be enjoyed basically anywhere there is water – whether that is at sea, on a lake or river.  It has also diversified in to many different forms of SUP; from racing, to SUP fishing, exploring, Wind SUP and even SUP yoga!

It is a very new sport and pastime, only really having taken off post 2005, and it’s a wonder why we took so long to become the world’s favorite water sport.