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Do I need lessons to paddle board?

If you have never paddled boarded before we suggest at the very least to take our 20min crash course. In this course we highlight the conditions in Dubai, SUP safety including SUP self rescue and the basic do’s and don’ts of stand up paddling.

How long will it take to learn to SUP?

Beginner SUPs are extremely stable and learning to SUP in Dubai is also very easy as the conditions are very suitable to stand up paddling. It will take 2-4 hours to become competent however you need to make a consistent effort and paddle at least once per week before you reach a point where you are totally comfortable.

What Will I Learn in a SUP Lesson?

In any descent SUP lesson you will learn basic paddling technique, safety including self rescue, rules of the water and other basic do’s and don’ts.

Stand Up Paddling Safety

A SUP is consider a vessel beyond the safe swimming or surfing areas and you should therefore adhere to international regulations. Pass right where applicable, give way to sail boats and kitesurfers, motorized craft should give way to you (but that’s probably not a chance worth taking).

If you paddle on your own always make sure that you have a definite exit strategy to safety as well as all of the necessary safety equipment. A good option is take your cellphone with you in a water proof pouch.

Where can I paddle in Dubai?

You can paddle almost anywhere in Dubai. The waters around The World Islands, Dubai are restricted.

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